Bowie’s best song since “Everyone Says Hi”

And probably his best since Ashes to Ashes.

Fab.  Really beautiful.  Haunting.  Certainly raises expectations for the “surprise” new album.

Odd video mind.

5 thoughts on “Bowie’s best song since “Everyone Says Hi”

  1. usually when i listen to a song repeatedly it grows on me. this has done the reverse. quite liked it when i first heard it but over the last week i have come to agree with most reviews… not good!


  2. Only Bowie could get away with this vid…song is growing on me. Agree on “Everyone says Hi”, great tune. He is still very relevant and looks quite well, given the stories of his health in recent years. I go in phases on my favourite ever Bowie song…”Sorrow”, “Diamond Dogs” “Queen Bitch”…what bout you, Mark?


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