How to lose weight. The easy(ish) way.

I’ve been asked a fair bit about my diet and how it works so effectively.

Here’s what I wrote earlier today.  I hope it helps because it most certainly works for me.


OK. It’s really simple. And involves calories.

You consume as many as you burn and you don’t lose weight. Simple.

So, start from your normal daily burn which for men my size is about 2,500 calories. Cut that by 1,000 and do 1,000 cals of exercise (an hour vigorous workout) and you are at a net 2,000 calorie debt per day. It’s 3,500 calories to lose a pound so I reckon this equates to half a pound a day or 3.5 – 4 lbs a week.

Now, to what to eat. You need to go for slow release foods on so few calories (but you can have lots of them). Alcohol is a total no no.

No simple carbs like bread, cereal, pastry, chocolate, biscuits, crisps, potatoes, fruit juice, white rice and pasta – absolutely none at all

Instead swap those, if you must, for complex carbohydrates like brown rice and wholemeal pasta (in moderation).

Eat lots of pulses (beans and lentils) and protein (lean meat and eggs preferably).

DO NOT go on an Atkins style Protein diet.  THEY DO NOT WORK.

Eat breakfast. An absolute MUST. I have 50g of high fruit and nut muesli (my preference is for Dorset Cereals – the dark green box) supplemented with a lot of fresh fruit in it like melon, blueberries and strawberries and skimmed milk (400 cals approx).

Do not go to Starbucks.  Or if you do, only have an Americano with skimmed milk.

For lunch I have soup and fruit (2 apples usually) – no bread with the soup – or, if at home, a two or 3 egg omelette, no fat in the cooking (just that spray stuff). (300 cals approx)

For dinner I usually have things like stir fries with chicken or prawns or fillet steak. Loads and loads of veg and only a handful of brown rice or 70g of wholemeal pasta. If I’m hungry later on I have those roasted monkey nuts you get in shells at Tesco or another apple. (700 cals approx).

If I cycle in and out of Edinburgh and walk the bridge I’ll burn 4,500 calories and will have lost a pound in a day.

The theory is called food combining (and it’s about managing your blood sugar levels effectively). The book above is magnificent. I swear by it. The Food Doctor Everyday diet by Ian Marber.

Forget the recipes, just read the theory over and over till it sticks.

Do not get in a rut eating the same things every day.

I promise you, you won’t be hungry on this ‘diet’ – although it’s more than a diet, it’s a regime.

The worst bit is the no booze rule but an important principle in the diet is what Marber calls the 80:20 rule in which 20% of the time you relax the regime (for me that means you can have a bev!)

That’s it.

(For the record I lost 64lbs in 138 days last year.  I’ve started it again this year and have lost 11lbs in the first 16 days).  I lost 6 inches round my stomach and 8 from my chest.  My trousers went from size 40/42 to 34 and heading towards a 32  if I keep it up for another month.

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