Gangster Squad



Oh dear.  Why did I go to see this when one could see very clearly that it was likely to be guff?

I know, it’s because my wife and daughter wanted to drool at Ryan Gosling.  They needn’t have bothered.

But I can help you, dear reader, to avoid the same mistake.  If you’re reading this after its theatre release and preparing for an evening viewing it on TV, don’t, watch a programme about paint drying instead.

It’s awful.

Shot throughout as if it’s an Instagram it’s very obvious that style is more important than substance,  yet Zombieland, Ruben Fleisher’s, 2009 movie debu,t was cracking and hilarious.

This is neither.

Why Sean Penn (who nearly pulls off the role of “ruthless mob king, Mickey Cohen” in 1949 LA) chose to take on this role is anyone’s guess.  It’s certainly not a career high. and Ryan Gosling has finally blotted an almost pristine CV by camping it up as a very dodgy philanderer.

Avoid at all costs.

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