Fear of heights

Recently I was in Toronto and took the super fast lift to the observation floor of the C N Tower.  There’s a glass floor that enables you to look directly below you to ground level.  Here’s  a photo of it that I took in all it’s glory.  The glass floor is at the base of that spaceship like protrusion near the top (at 1,000 feet above the ground).


I could not walk on the glass.  The feeling it gave me actually turned my stomach.  It was as if you were walking out to your death, so after 5 or 10 attempts I eventually officially “bottled it”.

Imagine then the feeling of climbing one of these babies.  It’s a transmission tower that’s 1768 feet high and much of the climb is done without the aid of a safety harness.

Watching this made me feel ill and it’s only a video.

It is outstanding, so enjoy it, but look out your sick bag and stay with it to the end.