Utter embarrasment


So.  Let me set the scene.

I’m at my pal’s birthday party (last night).

I meet a really interesting girl, in her 30’s maybe.  Really good fun.

Next thing, she introduces me to her boyfriend.  Great guy.  Same age. We chat away.

Next up, another female joins the company.  I slightly miss the intro, and the relationship, but get get chatting and fairly quickly establish that it’s the boyfriend’s mum, albeit she doesn’t really look that old.

We chat.  She has some good stories.  VERY interesting job actually.

Anyway, a little later an older lady enters stage left.

I notice that her surname is the same as the people I’m speaking to.  (Yes, we are wearing name badges at this party.)

Turning to the boyfriend I say “Oh, this must be your Gran.”

“No, it’s my mum.” says he.

I look towards his sister.

She knows what I’m thinking.

I choke back a little bit of sick.

I want to go home.

I pretend it didn’t happen.

Sorry sis.