Rankin. A life or death matter. Alive; in the face of death.

I just watched an extraordinary documentary filmed around an exhibition that glamour photographer, Rankin, put on earlier this year at the Walker Gallery in Liverpool.

It was about people in the last stages of their lives, all of whom knew they were about to die for one reason or another (mostly cancer).  His reason for doing this show were deeply personal.

My particular reason for watching was because the (now sadly departed) wife of a friend of mine, Louise Page, was one of his models.  Louise died of bone cancer three days after the exhibition’s opening night peacefully with Al and her parents in their home in Ilkley.

Another notable model was Dr Feelgood lead singer Wilko Johnson, and an Auschwitz survivor.

Although Louse could not fail to be our focal point the real star of the show was Rankin himself who came across as a lovely sympathetic man and took some Extraordinary pictures, not least this one of Louise.


Loiuse wrote very emotionally about her journey here.

What made the documentary so moving was the incredible sense of acceptance, even euphoria that some of Rankin’s models described as they came to terms with their fate.  Truly life affirming and beautiful.

Thank you Rankin.

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