Touch. Daft Punk. Feat Paul Williams.
July 31, 2013, 11:06 pm
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This is a quiet song on a much (rightly) lauded album.

But give it some space to breathe, away from the hi-energy surroundings in which it finds itself, and you’ll discover a real belter of a song.

A song about existentialism.

The sense of touch being what life may really be all about.

Is this a ghost singing?

I dunno. (What I do know is its credited as American Hall of Fame singer and composer Paul Williams who sounds like he’s on his deathbed.)

And what I also know is that it is a great piece of modern singer, songwriter, techno genius that touches the heartstrings throughout.

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I love this. It’s my favourite end of night track at the moment.


Comment by Gill Cairney

Don’t hold back Mark; let your hair down x


Comment by colingilchrist

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