My (extended) family


I can’t sleep.

My baby’s in Prague.

Her bother’s in Mallorca.

My big grown up girl is smirking at a condom museum in Amsterdam.

My wife is coping, and sleeping.

My other family, known as #FCTfam, is what’s keeping me awake. (Poor Ronan with his smashed voddie.)

Pride, as our Patron, Robin Harper, said on opening night of Godspell last week, is a sin.

But I’m prepared to take the risk of eternal damnation for feeling proud of not only the theatre company I chair, but the family I receive international facebook feeds from (other than my son who is somewhat neglectful in that respect).

It’s Godspell that’s specifically keeping me awake.



I cannot get the intense pride I have for this show out of my head and the real affection I have for everyone involved.