If you have even the remotest interest in art, go see the Peter Doig Exhibition.

Peter Doig's Figures in Red Boat (detail)

Not only is Scottish/Trinidadian artist Peter Doig prolific but he’s bold and arresting.

His use of colour is nothing short of remarkable.  Some of his work is compared to Rothko but is much more realist than abstract in his style which means that his paintings can be enjoyed by non art articulators like me.

His canvases are massive and the curation is excellent because not only is this exhibition vast but it often brings together studies with the finished article and the descriptors are genuinely illuminating and reasonably fee of art wank chat.

It’s on at the RSA on Princes Street until 3 November and it’s an absolute treat.


His studiofilmclub collection of one off movie posters is an added delight.