Pronoun. Lyceum Youth Theatre


Sorry, but I just have to plug this.

I was at the opening tonight of Evan Placey’s Pronoun and I have to say it’s a brilliant piece of writing about sexual identity, transgender issues, gender stereotyping and adolescent identity.

Here’s what Placey has to say about it.

Evan Placey wrote the play for National Theatre Connections, of which Lyceum Youth is a regular contributor.  It will play on the main stage in the summer but you can see its development performances this week at The Traverse.  And I would urge you to do so.

It’s about childhood sweethearts Josh (Louis Plummer in a very funny and mature performance) and his girlfriend Isabella who is the (perhaps surprisingly female) transgender subject of the play.

Isabella changes her name to Dean in thrall of her movie idol James Dean who takes on a role that resembles the Moonboy character that is played by Chris O’Dowd in that he exists in an imaginary space.  It’s an important construct in the play and it works incredibly well because James Dean is played superbly by Keir Aitken.

It’s an excellent play;  thought provoking, intelligent and  challenging.

The cast universally rise to the challenge.

They are supplemented by a Greek Chorus of a dozen or so who had, earlier in the evening, presented a selection of short plays developed in the very laudable and interesting Traverse Scribbles initiative.

Come on folks. Don't just sit there gawping. Say something. Get involved.

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