The Hidden Doors Festival. A good addition to Edinburgh’s cultural landscape.

On Saturday Jeana and I went to this interesting new festival in the lock up arches on lower Market Street.

Here’s what it’s all about (from their website).

Hidden Door is a not-for-profit arts production organisation set up in 2010 by David Martin, a visual artist and art lecturer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. The aims of the organisation are to:

• Develop a platform for delivering the arts to the general public through events that create an exciting, innovative and high-impact audience experience, and bring about a deeper engagement with the arts as a result.

• Encourage new innovative collaborative projects across art forms through the staging of events.

• Provide opportunities to showcase the best new creative work being made in Scotland, and support emerging creative practitioners.

• Develop a model for the arts that can deliver high-quality, ground-breaking events, without depending on government funding.

One of the things that inspired e was a big “mobile” made of reclaimed and broken bits of plastic.

I have re-imagined  this re-imagining.  Hope you like it.

hidden doors mobilesmall

On Friday, Mersault and Miaoux, Miaoux are playing.  Should be good.




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