Why I think you should vote SNP in the European elections on Thursday 22nd May.  


You are going to vote, right?

As these much-maligned elections approach it is of vital importance that Scotland states its position on Europe.  Britain is expected to vote UKIP in vast swathes of England.  Here, at least, it seems the Scots have no truck with the odious and vile politics propagated by Mr Farage and his barmy army of separatists.

Farage drops the odd clanger about not wanting “the Romanians” to move in next door.  This is exactly the sort of talk that fed the gags of Jack Smethurst in 1970’s sitcom, Love thy Neighbour, in which a diet of nig nog, Sooty, and fuzzy wuzzy gags about his Afro-Caribbean neighbor were deemed acceptable family viewing.

Do we really want to return to that?  I hope not.

UKIP is an extreme blot on the UK’s culture and the sooner Mr Farage is hounded out of town the better.

Witness, by contrast, the response of Scotland to his visits.

We, it seems, value our blend of multicultural neighbours.  We, it seems, extend the hand of welcome to a multi-ethnic population.  We, it seems, take pride in being European not just British.

If we vote No on September 18th we run the risk of being drawn into a Farage induced farrago over Europe that could lead to our (The Union’s) exit from the EU.

If we vote Yes it’s in our hands.

A strong vote for the SNP on Thursday will show the European Union that as a country we are pro-Europe, so that when it comes the time to sit down and negotiate our place at the EU table we can do so with a spirit of positivity, while Farage and his Tory chums vent their ugly spleen, vitriol and xenophobia in the background.

Vote SNP on May 22nd.

Vote Yes on September 18th.

That’s all I have to say on the matter.


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