The ultimate dilemna?


(Source:  Spotted by Fraser McBlane)

Pope Ratzenberger:  “Oh Lord and Father please let Mein Germans lift der World Cup tonight.  I am your loyal and ever faithful servant.”

Pope Francis:  “Oh Lord and father, seeing as your previous loyal and ever faithful servant didn’t quite deliver on that front please let the Argentina lift the world cup tonight.”

Mark Gorman: “Oh Lord and Father if it helps I have £10 on Germany at 6/1 and a tenner on Thomas Muller for top scorer at 20/1.”

3 thoughts on “The ultimate dilemna?

    • Are you one of possibly millions* worldwide that have always spelled the word with an ‘n’ as DilemNa and have been shocked to find that you are absolutely and categorically ‘wrong’ because the word has apparently always been spelled with a double ‘m’ as ‘Dilemma’….?
      (*A search count check was done on Google a while back and it reported 3 million ‘DileMMa’ searches and 300,000 DilemNa searches, ie 1 in 10. With an English as 1st language population of 375 million worldwide it might mean that 37 million spell it with an N…)

      It is a truly weird discovery for all us DilemNa spellers and although it might seem an over the top thing to say, I find that many report the discovery as making them feel a bit shaken. They’ve grown up knowing that it is spelled with an ‘n’ and to see it written with 2 m’s just looks absolutely wrong!
      Usually the discovery is quite by chance, for example a spellchecker ‘correcting’ you. So firstly you check the internet fully expecting to find the correct N spelling… No? Hmmm, that’s a bit strange… so then you start thinking that perhaps it’s a fairly recent Americanised version of the English and so you check an Oxford English Dictionary… No? Hmmm, that’s a bit strange, it’s still saying 2 Ms. Ok, so let’s get an old dictionary from the 50s/60s/70s and that will surely show the correct N spelling?!
      OMG, no it doesn’t…..
      Well, it turns out the word has never ever been spelled with an N at any point in history!


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