Toby Jones saves his best for the small screen. Absolutely Marvellous.


Marvellous is such a small movie in scope and ambition that it shouldn’t really register.

It was made for UK TV and not overly hyped, yet it turns out to be a career defining work for an actor that has already had all manner of praise heaped on him for his role in Infamous and his many franchise movie roles (Potter, Hunger Games and The Muppets.).

Like his contemporary Michael Sheen (Cloughie in The Damned United and David Frost in Frost/Nixon)  he is adept at playing performances that impersonate the stars (Truman Capote in Infamous).  Only this time the star is not really anyone outside of Stoke has ever heard of.

He plays, Neil (Nello) Baldwin, a small guy with learning difficulties who has no fear of the conventions of life because the fear button in his brain is switched off.  The result is an outrageous journey of hope over fear,  joy over sadness and opportunity over failure.

A clown.  Stoke City’s kit manager. University of Keele doer.  Crazy jobs each and all.  And all brought to life by this amazing man’s unique personality.

Three times I wept.  It’s a joyous movie but has deeply sad moments and is an absolute must see.  For UK viewers get it on iPlayer before it’s too late.


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