Why Apple is still one of the world’s greatest companies.


No one likes technical problems with their kit and in my case when I installed Yosemite onto my iMac it had a pretty devastating effect on my iPhoto libraries, resulting in much duplication and completely trashing my libraries.  My go-to man for tech help was stumped, so I called Apple’s support team.

I got through in under a minute and after stumping Apple’s regular guy I was put through to his superior – an incredible lady called Jennifer Convery who, it turns out, is based in the Newcastle Upon Tyne office.  She’d never come across this problem either, but by a process of elimination we (well, I say we, it was she) were able to crack the problem, completely rebuild my iPhoto library from scratch (nearly 400GB of pictures) and get everything up and running smoothly.

It took the best part of 24 hours and involved four calls (she called me back, not the other way around) but she held my hand throughout the process and the result is that we are back to an iPhoto library that is even better than the one I had before the problem occurred.

Once we’d agreed all was good she said.  “You know what Mark, Apple has caused you a lot of grief over this.  Do you ever use the Apple Store?” to which the answer was, “Occasionally.”

“OK, well as a token of goodwill why don’t you go and choose £70 (or thereabout) of Apple products from the store, email me what you want, and I’ll sort it out for you.”

This was not asked for.

I wasn’t ranting and raving.

It was just a genuine customer service offer that will go a long way to underpin my already excellent opinion of Apple.

Truly outstanding and I hope Jennifer Convery’s boss sees this.

O2.  Are you reading this?

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