The greatest movie actor ever poll.

Thanks for your contributions folks.  We’ve had 66 votes so far and I’m delighted to see that I features amongst the ‘others’ for my legendary performance as Daddy Warbucks.

However we have a clear leader/winner.

Daniel Day Lewis.

Had this have been done five years ago I can’t conceive of anyone other than Robert De Niro (second place) simply walking this.  But it seems his later career claptrap has undone his reputation for many.

In third place it’s a three way tie between Jack Nicolson, Dustin Hoffman and Phillip Seymour-Hoffman.

Now for the ladies..

.Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 18.36.02

You can continue to add your voice to the poll here or contribute below with your thoughts on this.

One thought on “The greatest movie actor ever poll.

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