Week One: In Print

Brilliant post on my daughter’s first week living in Manhattan.


This was always going to be an odd week. Week one with 90 strangers, from different cultures and backgrounds, chucked into a hotel together and watched to see how well they gel together; how much initiative they use to interact; how they cope with no WiFi because it costs $5 for 30 minutes – it’s 2015, what hotel doesn’t have free WiFi?!?!

It’s like the Hunger Games of social experiments.

So, naturally everyone made their way to the nearest pub and the week began with an overpriced, tasteless, Bud Light. But on a fancy roof top bar with an impressive view of the Empire State Building.

Arriving in the Big Apple

Day one was a bit of a blur. Starting with a 3.30am wake up call, then the fear of how overweight that one suitcase was going to be (still impressed it all fit), followed by a 60 minute connection…

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The greatest movie actor ever poll.

Thanks for your contributions folks.  We’ve had 66 votes so far and I’m delighted to see that I features amongst the ‘others’ for my legendary performance as Daddy Warbucks.

However we have a clear leader/winner.

Daniel Day Lewis.

Had this have been done five years ago I can’t conceive of anyone other than Robert De Niro (second place) simply walking this.  But it seems his later career claptrap has undone his reputation for many.

In third place it’s a three way tie between Jack Nicolson, Dustin Hoffman and Phillip Seymour-Hoffman.

Now for the ladies..

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