Jurassic World: Thomas Hardy Reimagined for the 23rd century.


Let’s face it, this is basically just Far From the Madding Crowd with dinosaurs instead of sheep.

Think about it.  A strong-willed female lead (Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire) heads of to farm in a far off land (a Costa Rican Island Colony) where she initially spurns her first love (the modern shepherd; Chris Pratt as Owen).

Then it all goes totally Pete Tong when the sheep (sorry dinosaurs) get a taste for forbidden fruit (hay rigs and barns may not go on fire but everything else does) before spurned lover Owen comes back to save the day.  They appear to be about to live happily ever after but their love is not consummated on screen. That Ladies and gentlemen is the story of Far From the Madding Crowd; and of Jurassic World.

But it’s so much more than this of course.

A hilarious romp with many in jokes and nods to the original (Jurassic Park),  a brilliant script from Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver (and it really is a good script with lots of laugh out loud moments), more than passable central performances and a shed load of brilliant effects with a bunch of real good suspense thrown in.

Frankly, it’s great.