Jeremy Corbyn. What’s going on?


Latest polls show Corbyn could win the vote overall in Round 1 as he has a 53% preference.

Why is this?

Well, clearly there is some mischief afoot as 60% of his voters are newly subscribed labour Party members.  So they joined the Party simply for this vote.  This means many of them will be Tories.  I find this a little troubling and certainly extremely disingenuous.  But the fact is the Labour Party has brought this on itself, after two decades of Blairite stuff and nonsense.

The Labour Party no longer stands for anything.  Jeremy Corbyn stands for everything.  The trouble is 9for the Labour Party) what Jeremy Corbyn stands for won’t get them into power because it will involve raising taxes.

So the outcome of all this will be a much more balanced UK party political system but only one party that can win power.  The Conservatives.

That said it should also shake up Scotland with a left wing party that should seriously challenge the SNP once again.

It’s a curate’s egg.  I long to see Labour stand for what it should, but fear the outcome.

Damned if you do.  Damned if you don’t.

We live in strange political times.

One thought on “Jeremy Corbyn. What’s going on?

  1. Where it gets really interesting is that Corbyn says he’ll work with SNP in Westminster on anti austerity and issues like Trident. And if Tories have hijacked the Lab leader vote that’s where they could come unstuck.Be careful what you wish for as inscrutable Chinese folk are wont to say. SNP will still win Holyrood though.


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