Palaces of Montezuma. By Grinderman

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 10.29.44

That lyric throws up a visceral mental image, doesn’t it?

For me it’s the couplet that stops me, breathless, every time I hear it.

Its sheer audacity, but also its incredible writing skill, cannot be ignored.

First, the rhyme. JFK and negligee.

How eloquent.

Three syllables each.

In perfect cadence.

Second, the layer upon layer of meaning as diaphanous as the lyrical garment they’re wrapped in.

We all know what he’s talking about.

We all know the accusation. But he doesn’t make it. He simply uses ten words to summarise the scandal of the last century

It’s completely epic.

And it demonstrates what Google has been saying for some time now. Great writing gets noticed, gets attention, gets authority.

I concur.

Now hear it.

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