The Truth about the Harry Quebec affair. Book Review.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 17.45.26

This really is a very odd book.

It is in part very good; certainly the plot is original and in parts unpredictable, and, at times, Joel Dicker writes with real style.

In other parts it’s like fourth form stream of consciousness.

But the overall premise is entirely original and it’s this that kept me going through its 600+ pages (200 of which were probably redundant because he goes over plot-ground way too often).

It’s sort of a police procedural but with the added input of a 34 year old, highly succesful writer struggling with his craft (how appropriate) as he retraces the steps of his mentor (a 34 year old highly succesful writer who was struggling with his craft when he fell in love with a 15 year old girl).

I hate pulp/trash novels and this is a pulp/trash novel.  But it somehow got itself out of the mire and held me to the end.

If you like original, crime driven pulp fiction and you have time on your hands, read this.

If not?  Read a real book.

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