Spectre. The new Bond Film. Review.


Gosh.  This is bad.

Outrageously long would be my first criticism.  Sam Mendes has too much power and seems like the studio is in awe of him.

And so must be his editor, because every single scene in this very poor movie is over long.

What’s more, Daniel Craig looks past his sell by date and even my wife didn’t fancy him

Such a shame because the opening sequence, before the parlous credits and garbage signature song by Sam Smith, is as good as it gets.  Set in Mexico City during the festival of death it looks astonishing and the action sequence it spawns is very, very good.

But after that it is a spent force.

Rubbish action sequences, truly boring and just a dirge.

Avoid at all cost.

3 thoughts on “Spectre. The new Bond Film. Review.

  1. Saw it Saturday and agree with your (remarkably short, Sam Mendes take note) review OTHER THAN the Sam Smith song (which I enjoyed, though obviously not as much as SkyFALLLLLL). Not sure what you mean by ‘parlous’ credits. I thought they were OK to good, but not the best (again, SkyFALLLLL).

    The biggest issue for me was the uneven tone. The Craig reboot of the series established a much more serious, more believable world than other Bonds I’m not at liberty to name (Moore, Brosnan), but Spectre seemed determined to pay homage to each and every preceding Bond, including some Jaws-like and some Moore-like “light relief”. For me, this resulted in some jarring moments, accentuated by seeing it just a few hours after events in Paris.


    • SkyFALLLL theme was a cracker.

      I just thought all that octopus nonsense in the credits was rubbish. My main criticism is just how bloody boring it is.

      I loved both Skyfall and Casino Royale so I am not anti Daniel Craig or Bond. Moore was lamentable and yes there was deffo a Jaws moment. Albeit a dull one.


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