Best of 2015: Books

The books I most enjoyed in 2015 in no particular order were as below.  If I had to choose a favourite I’d probably go for the Mitchell book.

The Children Act, Ian McEwan.

A stunning exploration of religion, values and morality as a young Jehovas Witness man turns to a middle aged female judge as her marriage falls apart.

The Narrow Road to the deep North , Richard Flanagan

A brutal exposition of the human suffering that went into the building of the Death Railway during WWII in Burma under the Japanese and Koreans.

The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair, Joel  Dicker

A brilliant twist on the usual crime thriller in which instead of the detective work being carried out by the police it’s done by a writer writing about his hero, the accused.

The Bone Clocks, David Mitchell

His most ambitious and complex novel yet.  It transcends genres and even makes ‘fantasy;” readable (for this reader anyway).

Do No Harm, Henry Marsh

An exploration of neurological ailments by a leading neurosurgeon.  Breathtaking stuff in places.

H is for Hawk, Helen MacDonald

A hugely moving memoir that deals with the author’s death of her father and her unusual escape from grief at the claws of a Raptor called mabel.

All the Light We Cannot See, Anthony Doerr

An unlikely coming together of a young French Girl and an equally fresh-faced German Radio Operator in occupied France during WWII..  A highly original love story.

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