Western Edinburgh hand Green a coalition. Not me.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 10.24.05.png

An interesting outcome.  SNP grow their vote but lose their overall majority.

The Scottish Labour Party has to change its name to The Scottish Labour Wake.  A total fucking shambles and embarrassment.

Edinburgh Western, where I voted SNP, loses its fucking utter mind and votes a total Lib Dem arsepiece in because a rogue SNP MP got found out and the people that live here switched back to Lib Dem because they didn’t work out that they weren’t voting for her and so SNP lose overall majority in parliament.
Well thought through people of Edinburgh Western.
You do know that the Westminster election and The Holyrooid election are different things and that fucking idiot isn’t standing for Holyrood.
You do yeah?
Do you?
The Greens hold balance of power.  The Greens FFS.  OK Patrick Harvey is a lovely man.
But FFS.
The Greens.
Come on guys.
Next we’ll be voting for fucking kittens.
In mittens.
And the assassin with a podgy wee smile gets what amounts to a virtual landslide.
Welcome back into the fold the Tory Party.
UKIP.  well, they can fuck off back to England and Wales ‘cos we hate you.
No we despise you here.  I’m glad to say.