When National Socialism got found out.

After the Nazi’s had put 1,000 people, mostly Jews, into living quarters this size.  And there are over 90 of them at Birkenau. And worked tens of thousands of them to death…


In living conditions like this. (6 – 8 people would have shared each of those ‘beds’  in three levels of ‘bunk’)…


Or gassed them by the million in places like this…


They didn’t even have the courage of their convictions to face up to it.  They were shamed into doing this to the gas chambers of Birkenau…


In one fell swoop they essentially admitted that everything they did and believed in was a lie – not a cleansing of the earth for the promulgation of a pure bred race, but evil and cold blooded murder of over 6 million innocent human beings.

One thought on “When National Socialism got found out.

  1. The world should have learned from this unimaginable horror, but horrific things still happening in many, many countries Zimbabwe, Syria,Nigeria,Burma ,Libya to name only a few .


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