Corbyn. Where now?


Jeremy Corbyn sidestepped the opportunity to carve Tony Blair into pieces yesterday.  What he didn’t say was as damning as what he did.

He described the outcome of Blair’s misleading of parliament as;

“an act of military aggression launched on a false pretext”.

He went on to annihilate the decision made by the House on the basis of fabricated evidence that Blair used to make his case and this further ripped asunder the already flimsy bonds that are holding the Labour Party together.

I deeply admire Jeremy Corbyn but I fear he is unelectable now and his days must be counted as leader of the party as it currently stands.

Certainly the PLP despise him.  But the membership do not because the membership, that core of what Labour stands for, are not really Neoliberals, they are socialists and so the outcome is inevitable.

The Labour party will split.

This, then, it seems to me, is the greatest ever opportunity for the regenerating Liberal Party.

I saw Vince Cable speak on a news debate a couple of days ago.  He ungloatingly predicted the return to relevance of a proper Liberal (not Neoliberal) party as the two ‘new’ Labour parties; one unashamedly Old Labour, under Corbyn, and one unashamedly New, New Labour, under whom I care not, split their already diminished vote.

The disaffected , who are neither, will HAVE to vote Liberal and if the Liberals can assume a proper Liberal centrist stance they could attract the non right wing Tories in droves.

A hope, I think,  rather than a confident prediction.

I’ll be there if this happens.

One thought on “Corbyn. Where now?

  1. Don’t underestimate the fight over the ‘Labour’ name/brand. Neither side will want to leave this for the other. And each knows what happened to the SDP. So I think it will be a continued internal fight until one side gains control. The ‘one member, one vote’ rule means this is likely to be Corbyn until before/after the next election, whenever that is. That’s why the Blairites have to get Corbyn to resign. Now, or in the future, it’s their only chance of wrestling back control.


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