The paralympics. And why C4 is important.
September 18, 2016, 11:01 pm
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Paralympic presenters 2016 Group--(None)_A2.jpg

We all know about the Superhumans and I’ve really enjoyed the Paralympics.

But in my professional life, not in TV but I feel  some empathy to this, it makes me have to comment.

The quality of the coverage of the Paralympics in Rio by Channel 4 is deserving of special mention.  It entirely justifies the taxpayers’ money for the station’s remit to reach out to outwith the mainstream.

Yes, Clair Balding is a national treasure.

But only because she is entirely professional.

But, beyond Clair, the mainly disabled commentary and pundit team were faultless.

It was TV Gold.

Thank you C4.

(And, by the way the BBC 5 Live team didn’t do such a bad job either.)


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I didn’t articulate how brilliant Clare balding is. She is way, way up there as a human being.

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