Blitzed (Drugs in Nazi Germany) by Norman Ohler: Book Review.


I confess to a mild obsession with WWII, so this rather novel, but factual, book caught my eye.

It explores Hitler’s and Nazi Germany’s addiction to Cocaine, Metamphetamine and other stimulants during WWII.

Hitler, an outspoken critic of stimulant-taking, was unwittingly turned into a virtual junkie by his personal physician, Dr Theodor Morell, who gradually increased his medication from early vitamin injections ,to ease his constitution, to a dangerous cocktail of Morphine, Pervitin, Eukodal (double the strength of Morphine) and and Eupaverin.


Meanwhile his troops were being standard issued with Pervitin – a little white pill that delivered massive hits of methamphatamine.  In experiments Nazi prisoners could be force marched 96km around a walking track in concentration camps on high doses of Pervitin before collapsing.  And it was Pervitin that fuelled the early taking of The Ardennes in April 1940 that gave Hitler an early advantage and footing in Western Europe.

You’d think the book is a stitch up and a fantasy but the 61 pages of refernces that close it are extremely convincing.

It’s a fascinating read.

And, far from Heil Hitler, it seems it was High Hitler.