Anomalisa: Movie review.


Certainly the oddest movie I’ve sen this year (and that includes Tale of Tales).

It’s a Charlie Kaufman sort of puppetry animation thing where most of the characters (male and female) are voiced, in the same voice, by the same person ( Tom Noonan).

It’s as weird as Kaufmann’s masterpiece ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’.  Weirder in fact. Especially as the animation is part perfection, part shabby chic which just adds to its surrealism.

Everything about the movie is surreal and centres around the central character, a celebrated motivational speaker (Michael Stone, played to laconic perfection by David Thewlis)  who has a breakdown in Cincinnati whilst beginning an affair with the only other non- Tom Noonan voiced character, Lisa (Jennifer Jason Leigh).

Her imperfections attract him, but mainly it’s the fact that her voice makes her different to everyone else.

A ray of light in a homogenous world.

It becomes very touching in parts and in times to come I’d expect it to be a much studied piece of work from a genuine Holywood outsider and visionary.

But be warned: it’s more Hollyweird than Hollywood.