The enigmatic Mrs McKay.


You may not yet have stumbled upon my selfless contribution to society that is known as “Is This Yours?”.  It’s a blog that posts the things I find on my perambulations, mainly around South Queensferry, but also in Big Edinburgh and beyond.

It’s selfless in that I see it as a service whereby lost shoes, hats, scarves, underwear, dog tags, combs, toothbrushes, babies dummies, bows, pencil cases, nautical accoutrements and more – much, much more – can be reconciled with their owners.

But this one’s a strange one.

Mrs McKay.

That’s it.

No Christian name, no middle name.

Just plain old Mrs McKay.

Is she a character from a downbeat Dickens novel?  One of his latter creations where the creativity had run out in his nomenclature?

A private detective, perhaps?

Why no Christian name?  Not even an initial.

What has she to hide?

Why the obfuscatory nature of her financial transactions.

And why was it found watched up on Dalmeny Beach?

Is Mrs McKay no more?

Is she an ex-spy?

Are her decomposing remains lying in wait in a crab-infested rockpool somewhere in East Lothian, or worse, Fife?

If anyone can shed some light on this mystery I would be indebted.

In the meantime, go see if I’ve found anything of yours at Is This Yours?.