Logan: Movie Review


In which I see my first X-Men movie in a franchise that is now 10 episodes old.  So I know nothing of the back story.

I also have  no real fondness for Hugh Jackman after the disaster that is Les Miserables.

And I don’t much like superhero movies full stop, unless they have a twist.

So, that’s what made this an excellent evening’s entertainment.

The twist.

It’s no spoiler to reveal that the twist is Wolverine (Jackman) is losing his powers.  He’s an OAS (Old Age Superhero) and, as such, it doesn’t take much for his superpowers to run out long before the Duracell Bunny would like.

And that opens up a depth of storyline that is seldom seen in these franchise affairs.

It requires, and is given, a quality script and a complexity of performance that makes it both engaging and sustaining throughout.

It won’t be my movie of the year by a long shot (and it fails to breathe the sort of life into an old vein that Mad Max Fury Road did two years ago) but it’s an excellent evening’s entertainment and I’d recommend it.

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