Dunkirk: Movie Review.


It’s almost impossible to explain the extraordinary impact this movie has on you unless you have seen it.

In a movie that entirely engulfs you it’s rather unusual that the acting performances are almost unimportant.  Yes, Mark Rylance, as ever, puts no foot wrong but this is not a movie about acting. This is a movie about visceral experience.

This is a movie about paying double the price to experience it in an iMax.  Pay it man.

Christopher Nolan does not do anything less than 8.0 IMDB movies.  His class is overwhelming.  Interstellar blew me away with its imagination but this is a step up even again.

And one of the reasons for that is his relationship with Hams Zimmer.  This movie’s extraordaryness starts with the music which feeds off the utterly spectacular sound design by ( Help me I can’t find it on IMDB) xxx.

You are overwhelmed by the sound from frame 1.  Remember Saving Private Ryan?  Remember how you winced in your cinema seat.  That was the sound.  Now square that.  Hell, no.  Cube it.

Now, think how Saving Private Ryan Looked.  Think about how you squirmed in your seat.  Cube that too.

Now, think how after the first 20 minutes (if we are all honest her) it got a bit dull.


Christopher Nolan is the gift that just keeps giving.

This movie gives and gives and then gives a little more.

Costume, photography, sound, SFX (not much in CGI if anything) are all awesome.

This is an actual masterpiece.

I think it will win multiple Oscars, including best movie and director, with the rare distinction of no acting medals. (I hereby predict 10 Oscars.)

It’s a straight 10/10.