Staffa by Ned Bingham and Gerry Fox at the National Library of Scotland: Edinburgh Festival review.

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 12.27.26.png

Staffa is a 12 minute film of the island that is home to Fingals Cave.  It consists of a Tryptich of films in which Drones capture the island and the cave at different times of year set to Ned Bingham’s score which is an homage to Mendelssohn’s celebrated Hebrides Overture and was recorded by the RSNO.

It’s a delightful find in the Boardroom of the National Library and was so good I sat through it twice (Big deal. Ed).

A perfect blending of drone photography by Stef Williams and Pete Stanton and music that is both stirring and sublime.

A wee gem.


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