European City of Culture. Another example of the foolish implications of Brexit.


I know a number of people who poured their hearts and souls into Dundee’s bid to become the UK’s contender for European City of Culture 2023.  I don’t know anyone in Leeds, Nottingham, Milton Keynes or Belfast/Derry who did the same, but I bet they too broke their backs and, in some cases, their bank accounts.

But guess what, The EU has decided that the UK has essentially null and voided its application because it has elected to leave Europe’s governing body.

What would I do if I was the European arbiter of this situation?  Exactly the same.  Although I would have had the grace to declare the UK null and void before the process began.  (Now, I appreciate that wasn’t possible as the bids were opened in 2014. But upon declaration of the UK’s intention to leave the EU the implications should have been stated, not the week the entries went in.)

And all those research scientists.  Do they really think they’ll now get those grant applications in the light of this decision?

Sunderland got lucky when Nissan stamped its feet about the Brexit decision and the UK Govt stumped up a ton of dosh to pacify them.  Shame the silly fuckers voted to leave without thinking about the possible consequences for one of their biggest employers.

The UK is a global laughing stock and yet Theresa May marches on regardless. (I have to say JC is not covering himself in glory on this one either.)

In previous protestations I have blamed the Tories for this fiasco and I still do because they are carrying the torch for this and refusing the reconsider, or even listen.  To their own back benches if not the country.

Please dear readers, can we start a revolution?

Why are there no public demonstrations about the utter fuckwittery of this arrogant posturing?





One thought on “European City of Culture. Another example of the foolish implications of Brexit.

  1. One of the arguments for Brexit, from both Leave and Remain, is the “well that’s Democracy, we just have to get on with it” theory.

    It’s utter shite, of course. True democracy is when there is a democracy of facts, of knowledge. There were precious few facts or even half reasoned theories about Brexit. The level of reasoned argument from both side was so low you’d need a JCB to dig it up.

    This, IMHO, is why we should, indeed must, have a second referendum. Because only now are we aware of the possible consequences. A second referendum would be a lot more democratic than the farce perpetrated upon us by dim-wit Cameron and his attempt to pacify a bunch of far right loons. Of course, those who fear immigrants rather than embrace them would vote the same way. But I suspect most other Leavers would say stay in the EU, even if they considered it merely a lesser of two evils.

    Of course, a second referendum won’t happen. May is too gutless. Corbyn wants out of EU anyway.

    Conclusion? Scottish Independence obviously. In the meantime we should be chucking stones through windaes, metaphorically, maybe even literally.


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