‘Me First You 2nd.’ A journey through mental health challenges.

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Left to right.  My Uncle willie (RIP) Auntie Anne and Madeleine.

One of the things about my Uncle Willie’s funeral, that I mentioned in yesterday’s post, was the kind of awe that I felt spending time with my extended family (dominated in numbers by the wonderful Vidlers).

Remember that beatific smile I told you about?  He’s wearing it above.

Specifically, I mentioned the letter that Madeleine read out to her Granny and Grandad and how moving and charming it was.  Well, I got speaking to her afterwards and she mentioned that she writes a blog.  Not just any old blog; an award nominated blog –  the  Leibster blogging award.

In her byline Mads writes: My life with mental health. A road to recovery. Surviving the 21st century. Being happy. Throw the stick-ma away. And breath…  

It turns out this is Mads’ story about her journey through life suffering from a triple whammy of debilitating mental illness, specifically; obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) as we’ll as periods of low mood. (She points out also that she is a little dyslexic).

You might think that this could add up to a pretty difficult read, and there are heart wrenching moments but it’s also interspersed with humour and hope.  Although low mood is clearly an extremely toxic scenario Mads in one of her posts brilliantly and entertainingly brings the subject to life.

Problem: ‘Not clingy enough skinny jeans’

Outcome: Significant anxiety and low mood

Solution: 6 year old slightly smelly £1 blue IKEA cushion.

I’d strongly recommend that you follow Mads’ blog particularly if you know people with the above mental health challenges or are in this position yourself.

Well done Mads.  Keep up the good work.

Meantime I’ll content myself with slagging off politicians and telling fart gags.

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