Edinburgh’s Christmas Theatrical Blessings.


We really are blessed in our wee city with theatrical greatness.  The Kings’ Panto (not my cup of tea) is great I’m told.  The Lyceum’s Arabian Nights is extraordinary.  A beautiful musical adventure with a multi cultural cast that grows and grows as the show develops – not your usual Christmas fare I concede, but it is really very good.

And today Jeana and I were again blessed to see a not very busy matinee of the extraordinary ‘How to Disappear’.

It’s not really a Christmas show, it’s really just a show that’s on in December, set in December, but it is brilliant.  Really brilliant.  Three astonishing performances in Morna Pearson’s mental health and government fuckwitterey assault on the bastards that run our asylum.

Owen Whitelaw is full on awesome in his role as a befuddled genius detached from the world because of his mental health issues, his lovely caring sister, Isla,  played so sympathetically by Kirsty Mackay is just delightful and, at its heart, is the bad cop (or is she?), the benefits assessor Jessica (Sally Reid, quite magnificent).

It’s delivered in Doric.  Why?  I don’t know but it’s BEAUTIFUL because of that.

It’s bleak, it’s moving, it’s hilarious.  It’s magnificent.  Please buy yourself an early Christmas present and go see it because you’ll thank me.