(Sorry) by King’s Head Theatre


Suzy Sillett wrote this one woman monologue, performed by the utterly believable Louise Bereford.  It’s performed in Assembly’s ‘The Box’ which is four containers ‘glued’ together and placed inside a blast furnace.  Well, it’s not the coolest place in the world other than, of course, what is happening on stage.

In three, maybe four, acts the 20-something (23, then 24 to be precise) millenial Louise Beresford shares her shit millennial life with us.  Well, it’s not complete shit; it’s first world shit, but it’s real, proper, been there, seen that, done that shit.  And it’s probably enough to require the support of a therapist (I think maybe the set – a ring of white paper – is a metaphor for psychoanalysis.  We’re not talking suicide watch here – that would be too easy for the highly skilled Suzy Sillet, and would turn what is a brilliant sharing of life stories into a ‘drama’ and would, I think, have ruined its beautiful simplicity.

Instead we hear about dates, shit friends, loneliness, boyfriends, marriage and dying relatives.  It’s all very real and I found it deeply affecting, having a millennial daughter (two in fact) that have been through this.

So, if you’re in that demographic I think you’ll really engage with a proper grown up examination of an uncomfortable age in uncomfortable times without even the merest  whiff of cliche.

That is what makes it so skilled.  Bravo!


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