A day on the Fringe.

Nice. No, really nice. To spend a whole day with your best pal agreeing, disagreeing, (not fighting), puzzling about plays about homosexual parentage, eco-terrorist mass murder by train derailment, the meaning of life by Karl Sagan and time travel, slavery and the sexual politics it can result in and, best of all; Rock and Roll (indie style), the death of your dementia ridden parents and having a baby maybe just before it was biologically too late. And to meet Coronation Street Stars and Ulster American Stars and What Makes a Girl stars and the Three best directors in Scortland (Orla, Cora and David). To eat good, really quite good street food. To drink a little too much beer, without losing the ability to enjoy any of the above. And then to sleep.

Come on folks. Don't just sit there gawping. Say something. Get involved.

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