L-E-V Dance Company Love Cycles: Love Chapter 2. At The Edinburgh Festival Review.

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 22.29.42.png

I’m fat.

And I dad dance.

So I don’t get, but I do love, modern dance.

Ballet?  Meh.

We saw great dance last year (especially the astounding NDT and Rosa Dance) so we are going BIG on dance this year starting with L-E-V, the Israeli dance company.  (Wayne McGregor tomorrow.)

Anyway, this show was just brilliant.  Beautiful, meticulous, mesmerising, long (for modern dance @55 minutes).

A completely black set with uniformly light grey costumes that made it quite androgynous.

The music by techno DJ Ori Lichtik, was so up my street it was unreal.

The show starts in blackness and gradually the drum beat and the lights build.  It’s gorgeous.

Class.  Great start to the official festival.