Leaving Leith’s Never Easy

This is brilliant. a good man.


It’s easier to leave than be left behind, leaving was never my proud, leaving Leith never easy, I saw the light fading out.

With apologies to Michael Stipe and REM.

After 10 years it’s time for pastures new.  In my life I’ve made some bad choices but conversely made some great choices.  Phoning Claire, my wife, after a drunken night in Dunfermline in 1992 was the best choice I ever made.  Still daft about you after all these years.  2 kids.  Sol and Romi who light my life up in a way unimaginable and watching them grow into two intelligent and happy children gives me so much pleasure.  Following Hearts on some days brutal and in others stellar, not always the bridesmaids anymore.

I joined Mediacom in the winter of 2008.  Romi was 2 months old and Sol 3 and a 1/2.  I thought I would give it a few…

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My word of the day: Bowdlerisation.


n.bowdlerisationthe act of deleting or modifying all passages considered to be indecent.

I have written about this before but I had no idea it had a term.  So thanks to Terena Bell in today’s Guardian for this almost life changing insight..

Bowdlerisation is when f*ck*ng w**** newspapers, for example, use *’s to bleep our letters from words like c*nt so that they are apparently less offensive.

But we all know what a c*nt is.

A c*nt is Don*ld Tr*mp and apparently there’s a trend for people to bowdlerise his name in exactly the way I just did.

I fucking love that.

No I REALLY l*ve that.

The Guardian never bowdlerises.  But hilariously The S*n and The M**l do it constantly.

That’s because both newspapers are c*nts.

So I’m a happy boy.

Fuck you Don*ld Tr*mp.