My word of the day: Bowdlerisation.


n.bowdlerisationthe act of deleting or modifying all passages considered to be indecent.

I have written about this before but I had no idea it had a term.  So thanks to Terena Bell in today’s Guardian for this almost life changing insight..

Bowdlerisation is when f*ck*ng w**** newspapers, for example, use *’s to bleep our letters from words like c*nt so that they are apparently less offensive.

But we all know what a c*nt is.

A c*nt is Don*ld Tr*mp and apparently there’s a trend for people to bowdlerise his name in exactly the way I just did.

I fucking love that.

No I REALLY l*ve that.

The Guardian never bowdlerises.  But hilariously The S*n and The M**l do it constantly.

That’s because both newspapers are c*nts.

So I’m a happy boy.

Fuck you Don*ld Tr*mp.



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