Bohemian Rhapsody. Movie Review.


Where to start on how parlous this movie is?

I’ll be brief.

Let’s begin at the end.  In this day and age the recreation of Live Aid – that had many people drooling was, to me, like an early episode of Crossroads, all shoogly sets and appalling cutaways.

Do you really expect me to believe that the ‘entourage’ was gasping in the wings of the real Wembley?

Do you really expect me to believe that Rami Malek was performing in front of THAT crowd?

Now, let’s consider Rami Malek.

Are you seriously asking me to salute you (the Academy) for awarding best actor to him in front of, for one, Bradley Cooper?  I’ve seen every single best actor winner since 1994 and each and every one of them put in a better performance.

Wearing prosthetic teeth does not the great actor make.

The film is a pathetic wash over of a tragic life turned into a Hollywood fairytale.

It is utter garbage. With good tunes.

2 stars


7 thoughts on “Bohemian Rhapsody. Movie Review.

  1. Tried to cover too much stuff. Felt like someone flicking through a history book. No dramatic tension etc.
    A short biographical film about Freddie in his later life would have been much better.


      • No, I’m sorry, I don’t agree. Freddie Mercury is a tough showman and character to emulate, he’s hugely distinctive and a one-off. They shot the scenes at Live Aid first and Rami Malek prepared for this by watching the original footage over a 1000 times so that he could move ‘naturally’ like Freddie to the music and boy did he pull it off. Okay, the film was a bit muddled, not a true and accurate representation of Freddie’s life but it was entertaining and a celebration of Queen’s music. I LOVED Bradley Cooper in A Star Is Born but I can live with Rami getting the Award – who else could have played the part convincingly? Just sayin.

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  2. I see your point; however, I’d like to mention that there’s a huge fan crowd out there (including me) who was really excited hearing about the coming movie and wasn’t disappointed at all. It is not easy to learn someone’s characteristics from A to Z, and this is why it is not often awarded. Rami Malik or rather the movie on Mercury deserved that award.


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