The annual fast.


My daughter Amy, a nutrition coach, is helping me this year with a plan and it’s off to a very good start.  (You should try her.  She’s amazing.  Contact me and I’ll give you her details.)

I’ll give you a taste of her success to date – 6% body weight loss in three weeks.

My wife has also probably lost more weight than she ever had previously on a diet.  It’s my daughter’s regime that’s keeping her on track this time.

But it’s early days compared to my 160 day alcohol-free abstinence in 2018 (including attending PrimaveraSound completely without a drink.  You can read about the impact of that here.

But it’s good.

21 days in.

Intermittent fasting all the way and an average calorie intake of maybe just over 1,000 a day. (Although my daughter coach insists that is too low and will be putting me a short rebalancing phase soon – when I get to 8 -10% loss.)

One thing I am trying this time round is to not simply replace alcohol with alcohol-free beer which, although excellent these days, simply reminds me that I am not drinking alcohol.  And, in any case, my tipple of choice is wine, not beer, and alcohol-free wine is repugnant.

I do like a bunch of frozen grapes mind you, of an evening.

I think a key to this has been going veggie for the last three weeks, strictly so.  I have eaten some terrific meals – including the best cauliflower cheese I have ever tasted in my life.

I’ve also discovered a superb new stir-fry sauce consisting of light soy, palm sugar, fresh ginger and lime leaves.  To die for (except, ironically, it might do the opposite).  Last night we had it with mushroom, carrot, fennel, radish, onion and red pepper.

If i get any support for this I’ll put the recipes up.

8 thoughts on “The annual fast.

  1. Stir fried veg

    First mix your sauce. A good few slugs of light soy sauce, full fat is too salty and strong, add two lime ,leaves (very bitter/sour) and a few teaspoons of palm sugar. It’s like rock in the tub, so soften it in the microwave for a few seconds. Add to that grated root ginger and a squeeze of tomato puree. no need for salt, but add pepper to taste or chilli flakes if you want them.

    Put on a low heat.

    Then, really easy. Stir fry whatever veg you like. I used carrots, fennel, courgette, onion, red pepper, Sugar snap peas, Mushroom and baby tomatoes. Start with the hardest ones first (peppers, onions and carrots. The mushrooms become your ‘meat’ in texture a little anyway.

    Add the sauce and serve


  2. Cauliflower cheese.

    the trick is not to boil the cauliflower to mush.

    Break a cauliflower up into florets and boil for only five minutes. Make up a cheese sauce. My trick is to add a variety of cheeses. I like parmesan as well as cheddar but a blue cheese (that’s my secret sauce) adds a real tang to it.

    Drain cauliflower, pour over the cheese sauce and then cover generously in bread crumbs. bake until the bread crumbs tell you it is ready. ie not burned. ten mins max.

    The caulie should still be al dente and delicious.


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