Channel 4 Paralympics ad.

This brought tears to my eyes this morning.

Tears of joy.

Partly because it’s just so fucking positive and life affirming, partly because the concept is just so unashamedly ‘fuck you’.

Like when the athlete mouths “Fuck sake” after being so disdainfully ignored by the cafe owner who hasn’t lowered the kerb to allow wheelchair access. OK it’s a set up, but you get the point.

The trend for advertising to become more real in tackling ‘taboo’ subjects, like feminine hygiene and in this case disability, is truly inspiring. I wish I’d had some of these briefs to work on as youngster.

It’s a trend, but it’s far from the norm because too many clients are still too scared to reflect reality, so this is a great example of what Behavioural Economists call normalisation.

In my youth disability was so unspeakable, and the language around it either so degrading, cruel or patronising that people who had “something wrong with them” were shunned.

I once worked at The MacRobert Centre on Snow White and the Seven “Dwarves”. There was so much confusion around all this. Their stage call was “Little People” not dwarves – the medical name is actually dwarfism so Dwarves is not medically inaccurate. But, the Little People, in private were more than happy to call themselves dwarves.

It was a quandary.

So this is just wonderful. It’s funny, it’s inspiring, it’s emotional.

The music is inspired. (and, yes, they’re not all boxers – a lesser client would have binned the music for that reason.)

Congratulations to every single person involved in this fucking masterpiece.

Like its predecessor.

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