Solar: Podcast review

This is grim.

It’s so horribly trying too hard. Badly directed and despite the A list cast, badly acted. I made it through episode two and the freebie stuff but it’s unrelentlesly boring. Seriously, it just goes on and on and on with nothing that engages the listener.

The concept is that a space ship is passing the sun and a solar flare takes out much of the ship’s support system so that the characters that are on the ship end up in different parts of the vehicle and have to communicate by audio channels.

It’s so unengaging though that I couldn’t bear to go to episode 3.

And I’m Scottish, so Alan Cumming should have been an attraction. He’s not.


One thought on “Solar: Podcast review

  1. Just finished episode 7. This show is so frustrating. I want to know what happens with the story but I’m forced to go through such bad writing that I almost want to smash my phone on the ground. No space agency would ever send such an obnoxious character as Jamal in a multi-billion dollar spacecraft. Wren is another very annoying character. The problem here is the script, the technical stuff is fine but the 2 lead characters are written like they are in junior high and even the talented Stephanie Beatriz (lead of Encanto) can’t save her character. The writer, Chris Porter, a music composer, has very few credits in the writting department and it shows. I got this far so I’ll suffer a bit more just in case there is a little sci-fy candy in the end.


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