Well done The Sunday Herald. You’ve gone global

No doubt you’ve seen yesterday’s superb Sunday Herald TV listing for Trump’s inauguration, but if you haven’t here it is.


Great so see the paper get high quality recognition in this piece in Time.

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Love Halloween or hate it (that’s me folks) you’ll love this.

Jimmy Kimmel has an annual prank that he plays on kids.  This year he got a whole load of his viewers to pretend that they had eaten all of the candy that their hard earned Trick or Treating kids had collected.

The range of reactions is priceless.

Radiohead are back with Camberwickerman Green

The first episode of Camberwickerman Green came out yesterday.  It’s a new animated series that follows up my childhood favourites Trumpton and Camberwick Green only voiced by Thom Yorke as opposed to Brian Cant.

It doesn’t use ANY of the original animators but it’s an absolute spitting image of the past and all the more remarkable for it.

As for the song, well, like many Radiohead tunes, it’s a grower.

A new word for the English language: Hibsed.

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Those of you who, like me, support Hibernian; Edinburgh’s most stylish football team and forefathers of the rather more successful Celtic FC, will be feeling that slightly sick feeling after once again victory was the more likely, more deserved and more bearable outcome on Sunday afternoon at ‘Scotland’s National Stadium.’

But we were Hisbsed.

We snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Consequently, a petition has been set up by a Mr Rudolph Skakel on begging the Oxford English Dictionary to add ‘Hibsed’ to their content.

It has a smell of schadenfreude about it.

For the uninitiated, to be Hibsed means ‘to be ahead in your pursuit of something, only to mess it up before you cross the finish line’.

And we’ve been Hibsed many times.  On Sunday particularly so, and Liam Fontaine, arguably the man of the match, must feel especially Hibsed as it was he who teed up the winning goal for a team that could best be described as diddy.

I mean, you could fit the population of Dingwall, from where they bide, into the back of a camper van and still have room for a couple of tents.

Many have argued that we shouldn’t be so down on ourselves because it was only the diddy cup we Hibsed.  But we Hibsed it in 2004 against the mighty Ferranti Thistle playing under the pseudonym of Livingston (a town so small it has an Edinburgh postcode).

We Hibsed it every time in living memory that we played in Europe and we’ve Hibsed it so many times against the other team in Edinburgh that I’ve simply lost count.

By Thursday morning there’s every chance we’ll have Hibsed it against that other Highland League powerhouse, Inverness Caledonian Thistle, in the big cup (that we put that other team from Edinburgh out of a few weeks ago), and we’ve already Hibsed it in the Scottish Championship having been in a great position to overtake long term leaders Rangers just after Christmas.

So, go on, Mr Skakel.  have you schadenfreudey moment.  the awful truth is, you’re right.



The worst death in movie history?
March 20, 2015, 5:30 pm
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Well.  It’s not exactly underplayed is it?  My thanks to Rickie Callan for spotting it.

You know those horrific Family Fortunes gaffes people make. Well this is Jeana’s one

Vernon Kay:  “We asked 100 people to name a vegetable you can eat raw.”

Jeana Gorman:  “Baked potato”

Family Fortunes FAIL.

Delicious raw food.

Delicious raw food.



Banksy. Polemicist or profiteer?

This video appeared in the Guardian this morning and inadvertently made Banksy the butt of extreme liberal criticism for, at best, profiteering from Syrian unrest and, at worst, showing tacit support for Islamic extremism in a country in the midst of turmoil.

On Youtube it has had a different reaction.  Mostly silly political rhetoric or outright praise.

There can be no doubt the end is very reminiscent of Four Lions and I didn’t see that getting a “right on” kicking.

Me, I just thought it was hilarious and I hope you do too.