Dave Trott

Dave Trott is a very, very wonderful creative with a very wonderful blog.

This item particularly impressed me and is the sort of mantra this generation of youngsters could do well by if they used it as a guide to life.


a bit late in the day…

…but I never saw this at the time. I found it while researching my Napier project and it’s wonderful. Basically it’s a brilliant Apple Mac ad hijacked by Obama. Perfect targeting for a certain demograph and what a great way to sell yourself. Not sure if it’s a viral or a real ad, but judging from the lack of an “I’m Barack Obama and I approved this message” ending I suspect that sadly it is the former.

Whatever, it’s great.

The rise and fall of the adman

Last night Peter York, in his uniquely obsequious way, demonstrated how well he has made a career of commenting on people with talent (advertising, TV programme making, fashion, publishing) whilst showing little or no ability to do anything other than be a posh tit on call to the BBC (or C4 when he was a bit of irony).

He sploshed on about the ad industry in a rather unbeguiling way in “The rise and fall of the adman”.

Frankly it was all a bit

a) tedious

b) predictable

c) unimaginative

d) Pish

e) yadayadayada

f) wank

g) tedious

h) predictable

i) unimaginative

j) Pish

k) yadayadayada

l) wank

m) tedious

n) predictable

c) unimaginative

o) Pish

p) yadayadayada

q) wank

r) tedious

s) predictable

t) unimaginative

u) Pish

v) yadayadayada

w) wank

x) tedious

y) predictable

z) unimaginative

In the meantime we continue to do really interesting and creative things in the advertising industry.

Unlike Sir Peter York. (Not!)