Calexico gig

The Calexicans

The Calexicans

The Mrs and I had a most enjoyable night out at the Calexico gig, courtesy of my pal Ian and his Mrs, Kate, at The Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh tonight.  Calexico are known to most who have any idea of who they are as a Mariachi/Tex Mex combo but that is way off the mark.  As it happens they are a hugely eclectic seven piece with a wide variety of influences including, yes, Mariachi and Tex Mex.

We had either the best or worst seats in the house depending on your point of view as we sat in the front row of the gallery at stage level, but behind the monitor line.  As a result the sound was a bit on the murky side but the view was to die for.

Instrumentation was of the very highest order with the following spotted…

Guitars (several)

Pedal Steel Guitar


Double bass





Trumpets (two)

French Horn



In some ways it was almost like a jazz gig as often the instrumentation took centre stage and there was a surfeit of ‘respect’ going on.

The second encore was great, ending in an arguably self indulgent two minute feedback and reverb loop. I turned to Ian and said “the ladies will have loved that”.

Sure enough, as we descended the stairs as we left the venue, both of them said, almost in unison, “why did they have to spoil it with that last song?”

They were of course, as ladies often are when it comes to musical things, wrong.

Here’s a taster.  Across the Wire, which they played tonight and, yes, it’s a bit Texy Mexy…


But this isn’t…


The Nightfly – Stop Press

Loud and live

Loud and live

They’re doing a Johnnie Walker on me and moving my slot about a bit, but I can confirm I will be on Jubilee FM, online, from 7 till 9 tomorrow, Thursday, night. Because I’m on a lot earlier than my usual Round Midnight slot I may crank the volume up a bit…

I’ve got a cracking playlist that includes; The Imagined Village, Sigur Ros, The Hold Steady, Portishead, Stephanie Dosen, Katrine Polwart, Paul Weller, Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, Nck Cave and the Bad Seeds, Calexico, Danny and the Champions of the World, Chemical Brothers,Led Zep, Aimee Mann, The Clash, Belle and Sebastian, Martha Wainwright, The Fleet Foxes and more.

Oh so many more