Pego’s millions. Day 2. 966,203 views.

Your generosity continues almost unabated.

My target of £500 was breached this afternoon and we now stand at £523.56 which ain’t bad going in 48 hours.

But the new target of £1,000 now looks like quite a long way away, so please spread the word and if you haven’t yet donated your £10 to have a pop and guess when gibberish will cross the million viewer Rubicon then please have a go here.

New year in the merde

Well, it was cold at 11.30 on new year’s day here in Scotland. So, doing this sort of sillines wasn’t a good idea, except that we made a fortune For Maggies Cancer Care Centres. So it wasn’t so daft after all was it?

A very pertinent point Pete. (And nice use of alliteration).


But triumphal all the same…


It was OK for the RNLI. They were prepared for the weather…


In fact they were loving it…


The Speedos made an appearance as promised.


I even got me tits oot fur the giruls…


But they reciprocated!


And we all went away happy for another year.


For those of you who made a pledge, would you mind sending me a cheque to the house made out to Maggies Centres. If you don’t know my home address call me. I ain’t publishing it here. It might attract crackpots!

Thank you all for your support once again.

It’s all on film here but a tad slow to load.

Thanks for this Doug!

And here too…

Thanks Mike

And here

The season of goodwill is upon us and I sincerely ask for your support

Many of you will be aware of the unique, and I mean unique, event that is “The Loony Dook”.

Here’s a picture of it from the past.


First off, it is probably the least PC event held this, or any other, year and will no doubt at some point in the future be renamed “The not overly sensible swim.”

And that would be fine if that was what it was called, because that is what it is.

It is the coming together of several hundred people, on the morning of January 1st , at 11.30 am to swim in the River Forth at South Queensferry.

For the record, here is the weather forecast for the next five days to show you just what we are letting ourselves in for.


Of course, it might get warmer, it might get cooler. One thing is for sure. It ain’t gonna be Boca Raton!

So, why?

Why indeed?

And where do you, dear reader, come in?

The answer is simple.


My dear mate Terry Bryant had a nasty dust with cancer for a great deal of this year and decided he should bring some of his mates to their aid in terms of fundraising to support the respite centre, The Maggie’s Centres, who came to his aid when he needed them.

So, I am to bare my chest, my arse and my fortitude to the freezing Scottish winter so that you lot can have a laugh at my expense and Terry can help out Maggies.

Do me a favour.

If you’ve enjoyed even a moment of my ridiculous waffling on gibberish this year, post a comment committing to sponsor me in my moment of madness; sorry, non-conformism.

If not, have a happy Christmas all the same.

PS If, you’r reading this on your return to work after the New Year and you wished you could have helped. It’s not too late. I’ll be posting the evidence of my participation on this blog so you can be sure I delivered and I’ll happily accept sponsorship post event!.