James Benamore – Secret Millionaire

James Benamore. £136k light of his £77 million fortune.

James Benamore. £136k light of his £77 million fortune.

The 30 year old MD of The Richmond Group, James Benamore, was the latest millionaire to grace the screens of this wonderful programme.

Into its third series I can’t help thinking that some of the potential beneficiaries are pitching to the producers which loses some of its spontaneity.

Nevertheless, the sheer emotion that the programme generates can be overwhelming.

He was a good guy, was James Benamore.  An ex-wild child he went to Mosside in Manchester and found real and realistic charities to support.  A very likeable and genuine man.

Good on ya Jamesey.

The Power of Dreams

10 minutes ago Honda aired the first ever, modern day, live TV ad on Channel 4.

It was brave. It was creative. It was kinda flawed, but in a good way.

A bunch of skydivers jumped out of two planes and joined up in formation to, letter by letter, spell out H, O, N, D , A.

The cynics will snipe. I thought it was great though.


Because it was all, ALL, about risk. Only risk-taking clients get risk-taking ads. Only risk-taking ads make you famous.

Risk-taking is difficult but as Honda says “Difficult is worth doing.”  It was.

Honda is famous and gets all the great ads, as a client, that it deserves.

That’s why it is the UK’s best client.

I salute you Honda.

The shame is that the ad said check it out at Honda.co.uk. I did. It ain’t there. Or at least it ain’t very easy to find. Doh.

The secret Millionaire


It is difficult to imagine how C4 could make two series of this poignant and (although at times a little staged) naturalistic documentary series. And yet they did. Perhaps the fact that it is not a BBC production has saved it, because its magic ingredient is surprise.

Tabloid treatment would kill it.

This is TV at its best and I have failed to last an episode without shedding copious tears. It really is very moving documentary and I recommend it unreservedly.